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Discover the Montana Eighties Oven, an innovative fusion of tradition and modernity. Featuring a fixed door with a glass window inspired by the old brick ovens from the 80s, this oven is also pre-equipped to accommodate a rotisserie, offering exceptional versatility.

Unique in its kind, this oven patented by Misterovens is equipped with 18 refractory stones that efficiently store heat in minimal time, allowing for long and complex cooking with thermal inertia equivalent to a 600 kg brick oven, despite weighing less than 110 kg.

The Montana Eighties surpasses slowness, offering a variety of cooking options thanks to its refractory stones on the walls and floor, ensuring high thermal inertia.

Suitable for both beginners and wood-fired oven enthusiasts, the Eighties model offers an authentic experience and can operate with wood or gas according to the user’s preferences. It comes with a removable grill, allowing for beautiful grilling of vegetables and other dishes.

The Montana Eighties Oven is guaranteed for 3 years, except for accessories such as refractory stones, thermometer, door glass, and cover, unless they are damaged or defective upon delivery.

Please note that the wood-fired and gas ovens should not be used simultaneously.

Shipping is estimated to take between 10 and 12 business days, depending on the available stock colors.

“Also, check out our range of full stainless steel ovens. The price difference compared to our colored ovens is extremely low. We offer a special price for the stainless steel oven because if your oven is outdoors or if you live in regions with harsh winters, stainless steel is a noble material that ages extremely well over time, ensuring you never have problems with oxidation or rust. Furthermore, we use the best grades of stainless steel designed for high temperatures and the toughest weather conditions.”

  • External dimensions: 93 cm x 93 cm x 58 cm.
  • Internal dimensions: 75 cm x 75 cm x 44 cm.
  • Weight: 109 kg.
  • Stainless steel 304 and 430.
  • Stainless steel front panel.
  • Steel/cast iron door.
  • Carbon steel cover (except for full stainless steel option where everything is 100% stainless steel).
  • Thermolacquered paint.
  • 100 cm stainless steel chimney tube with 150 mm diameter.
  • Stainless steel Orion cap.
  • Removable stainless steel grill on hinge.
  • Integrated smoke damper in the oven.
  • 18 refractory stones 25x25x3 cm.
  • Damper for inserting our gas burner (available for sale in our accessories).
  • 500ºC thermometer.

Fixed door:

  • Dimensions: 48x32 cm.
  • Carbon steel thermolacquered paint.
  • Wood handle ventilation damper.
  • Thermoceramic glass.

Packaging: Wooden crate on pallet.
3-year warranty.
Transport: protected by insurance.

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Black, Bronze/Brown, Eggplant, Grey, Orange, Red


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