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The Montana Eighties wood oven is the only wood oven in the world equipped with a fixed door, which allows a quick heating so that the 18 refractory stones store the maximum heat in a minimum time.
Montana Eighties was designed with the aim of offering you a wood oven weighing less than 110 kg and with greater inertia than traditional brick ovens which weight more than 500 kg.
The purpose of the Montana Eighties wood oven is to allow any type of cooking. Refractory stones on the ground and on the walls help with its important inertia. It is an ideal oven for enthusiasts of all types of wood cooking.There is also the possibility of using the oven with gas.

Includes :

3 years warranty

Shipping between 8 to 12 working days.

- 1 Montana Eighties Oven
- External measures: 93 cm x 93 cm x 58 cm
- Interior measures: 75 cm x 75 cm x 44 cm
- Weight: 109 kg
- Stainless steel 304 and 430
-Stainless steel front with steel/cast iron door
- Carbon steel cover
- Thermo lacquered painting
- Chimney tube 100 cm stainless steel 430, diameter 150 mm
- Chimney tube and cap - lacquered thermo painting
- Removable grill
- Smoke evacuation valve integrated in the oven
- 18 refractory stones 25x25x3cm
- Input for inserting the gas burner
- 500ºC thermometer

Fixed door:
- Measures: 48x32cm
- Galvanized iron, thermo lacquered paint
- Ventilation
- Thermo-ceramic glass
- Door fixed to the oven through welding

Packing: Wooden box on pallet

Before completing your order, if you need an urgent delivery, please contact Misterovens.

*Our warranty is 3 years for ovens. The accessories (firestones, thermometer, shovel, brush, door glass and cover) are not covered by the warranty, unless they are damaged or defective on delivery of the oven. Indeed these accessories are wearing parts. The oven warranty covers problems whose origin prevents proper operation. Read our warranty conditions at the time of delivery.

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