Who we are

Misterovens was founded by Manuel Pinto, grandson of Mr. João Araújo, years after absorbing the passion his grandfather had for his work.
A professional mason and passionate about bread ovens, João Araújo had been making ovens since 1936, constructing them in the homes of people around his city. As tastes and values are passed down, Manuel Pinto, over the years, also nurtured this interest in ovens.

Misterovens’ initial idea was to specialize solely in manufacturing wood-fired ovens for bread production until the enthusiasm for pizza emerged. In 1991, Manuel Pinto decided to transform the traditional Portuguese brick ovens to adapt them for pizza making. He began introducing new designs, making them more modern, and adjusted the semicircular doors and lower internal domes for quick and even baking.

In 1998, Misterovens launched the first range of stainless steel ovens, simplifying the design and facilitating mass marketing. The Montana oven, released in 2012, marked a significant turning point, quickly gaining popularity through its presence in numerous Neapolitan pizza competitions and global pizza events. Misterovens ovens began to be talked about worldwide.

Currently, Montana ovens are recognized for their unique design, lightweight build, quick heating, even baking, and above all, exceptional performance. They have become an undisputed reference in the pizza industry and among professionals. We could have been the first to enter major markets like the USA, but our production capacity was limited, so initially, we decided to export only to countries like France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary, and the United Kingdom. However, today, we are able to produce and supply larger quantities in a timely manner to many other countries worldwide.

After so many years, we can say we are more diversified, integrated, influential, complete, competent, and never less close to the customer. We are recognized for this closeness. Despite high demand, nothing stops us from providing dedicated attention to each of our customers, motivated and focused.

Every day, we strive for our oven to be perfect for you, your home, your restaurant, or your company, as much for your well-being as for your success!

Thank you,

Manuel Pinto – Founder and Visionary
Sylvie Pinto – Packaging and Shipping
Sarah Pinto – Marketing and Communications Manager
Loanne Pinto – Sales



• For shipments in Europe – in countries like Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom – it is necessary to contact Misterovens because of the assigned fees.
• Shipments between 8 to 12 business days after confirmation of purchase.
• In high season or pandemic times, shipping times can be changed. In this situation you should contact Misterovens.
• We do not accept returns for payment due to situations related to delivery and transportation times.
• Transport: international freight forwarder.
• Our ovens are insured during transportation.
• Shipments are made from the factory.



It is important to know that high temperature and flame are very powerful natural elements. Therefore, it is normal for them to cause reactions in your oven. A brick oven can crack, and it may be necessary to patch it with refractory cement and sometimes even replace bricks within the first year. These issues are not covered by warranties from any manufacturer. Everyone uses the oven differently, with varying types of wood and log sizes, so there is no specific user manual or usage mode.

Stainless steel ovens can become slightly wavy, which is not fatal since it can be repaired, and most often the waviness is on the inside. There is no need for intervention. Waviness is not covered by warranty, as the expansion of materials is normal. This is why we use reinforcement bars to make the oven as strong as possible. Overheating also won’t be covered by warranty, as stated on our website and accompanying documents. It is crucial never to close the oven door when the temperature is rising, whether using a stainless steel or brick oven. Overheating can cause stainless steel to become yellowish, which is, however, cleanable with our ovens since we use the highest quality stainless steel available. The chimney pipe can reach temperatures above 500° C. Its changing color during the initial uses is normal. Thermometers and stones are covered by the warranty. If there is a problem during transportation, these items are considered wearable and consumable.

According to the oven manufacturer, there is a warranty if the oven is no longer in good working condition for heating and cooking, knowing the problems sometimes caused by the fiery high temperatures and flame. Oven maintenance is essential. Follow the advice on our usage and maintenance sheet when the oven is covered with a cover or tarp. It is necessary to remove it as often as possible to avoid suffocating the metal, which will create condensation due to humidity, transforming into oxidation. A simple cleaning will resolve this issue.

If, for some reason, there is a scratch or paint chip, take action with a paint spray or touch-up pen to prevent oxidation from spreading. With many years of experience with Montana ovens, we have not encountered significant warranty problems. The only issues reported so far have been due to a lack of maintenance. Despite thousands of oven sales, we have never faced a situation where a customer’s oven became unusable.


NOTE: There are no real instructions for heating an oven, whether gas or wood-fired (since everyone uses the equipment to which they have access). The woods are different, the size of the logs are also different, as well as the working times. A brick oven cracks and stainless steel ovens can have undulations which are not covered by the warranty (cracks in brick ovens are due to heating problems and undulations in stainless steel ovens are due to user errors as well as overheating errors.

When choosing a wood oven, stone or brick barbecue, please, it is important to read and realize that the decision and responsibility are the customer’s

 • The oven is delivered in a cardboard box on a pallet. The larger ovens are already delivered in wooden boxes.
• Delivery is made in a vehicle equipped with a lift and pallet truck.
• Upon delivery, it is necessary to check the goods in front of the carrier. And if there is any damage to the oven or accessories, you will have to report it and mark it in the delivery document.
• Misterovens will only be able to take out insurance under these conditions. Therefore, if this procedure is not followed, we will not be able to take any responsibility for the damaged goods.


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