Premium Rustic Black


The Rustic Black wood oven with exterior brick finish is the ideal bread oven due to its 70 ‰ greater inertia than a brick oven. In fact, since brick is a completely outdated refractory raw material, all furnaces of the highest quality are now equipped with an interior made of clay. The bricks and cement used to join them allow the heat to be filtered, while the clay retains the heat and reproduces it inside.

The Rústico Black Oven will be a work of art in your garden. Totally handmade, there will never be 2 equals.

The door in cast iron with thermo ceramic glass is a differential factor for the inertia of the oven and guarentees its quality and solidity. The glass allows you to keep an eye on your cooking.


2 years warranty

- 1 Wood oven with black brick
- Weight: 600 kg
- External measures: 100 cm x 100 cm x 70 cm
- Interior measures: 87cm circumference
- Clay
- Stainless steel chimney 140mm
- Insulation in ceramic fiber, refractory cement and thick clay
- 4 eyelets (removable)
- 350ºC thermometer

The dimensions of a 120cm oven, inside, matches a circumference of 12cm more than a 100cm oven

Cast iron door:
- Measures: 37 cm x 32 cm
- Thermo-ceramic glass
- Ventilation

Packing :
- Wooden box on pallet

Additional information


100cm with chimney extension, 100cm without chimney extension, 120cm with chimney extension, 120cm without chimney extension


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