Montana Spazioso


The Montana Spazioso pizza oven was designed especially for the Neapolitan Pizza World Championships and events related to World Pizza Day.
The Spazioso was designed at the request of the Italian Neapolitan Pizza Association, later recognized by UNESCO. Since that announcement pizza events have been going on continuously. The Spazioso, conceived for this purpose, was present in all pizza stands. An oven that produced more than 1,800 pizzas in 4 days. Montana Spazioso was so successful that Misterovens decided to improve it and commercialize it.

Misterovens aim is to provide a high performance and high quality stainless steel wood oven for professionals and individuals. Its design was a success due to our development team. As a matter of fact, Montana Spazioso is made of thick stainless steel with a 6cm floor and an outlet that prevents heat loss. This oven, perfectly suited to cook pizza, guarantees cooking in less than 57 seconds. Its significant inertia also allows the preparation of any type of cooking.

Includes :

3 years warranty

Shipping between 10 to 12 working days.

- 1 Montana Spazioso Oven
- External measures: 100 cm x 100 cm x 58 cm
- Interior measures: 90 cm x 85 cm x 22 cm
- Weight: 159 kg
- Stainless steel 304 and 430, 2mm and 2.5mm
- Carbon steel cover
- Thermo lacquered painting
- 9 refractory stones 30 x 30 x 3
- Calcium silicate panel 3 cm
- Soil thickness - total 6 cm
- Smokehouse and reducer ø150 mm
- Input for inserting the gas burner
- 500ºC thermometer

Half moon door:
- Measures: 74 x 22.5cm
- Stainless 430
- Door lock with 2 handles in pine wood

Packing: Wooden box on pallet

Before completing your order, if you need an urgent delivery, please contact Misterovens.

*Our warranty is 3 years for ovens. The accessories (firestones, thermometer, shovel, brush, door glass and cover) are not covered by the warranty, unless they are damaged or defective on delivery of the oven. Indeed these accessories are wearing parts. The oven warranty covers problems whose origin prevents proper operation. Read our warranty conditions at the time of delivery.

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