Misterovens revolutionized the brick wood-fired oven by introducing an artisanally designed clay inner shell. This clay maintains the temperature and produces heat significantly superior to that of refractory bricks.

The combustion chamber is made in a single piece, thus eliminating the need for cement joints between the bricks. This eliminates cracks and the cement that deteriorates into granules and falls onto your preparations.

The Virtus oven is insulated with refractory cement, clay beads, ceramic fibers, and concrete. Its inertia is very high, with a finish in paint and cork.

The Virtus oven represents the very latest generation of bread ovens offering versatile cooking capabilities. Its cutting-edge materials make it an oven that will enhance your garden and surprise your guests with its design and cooking performance.

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Everything included: oven, support, chimney flue, chimney cap, thermometer.

  • Weight: 500 kg.
  • Internal diameter: 95 cm.
  • Heating time: 90 min.
  • Capacity: 4 pizzas 33 cm/bread: 6 kg.
  • Print: Ø 20 cm.
  • Thermometer: 500°C.
  • Total height: 200 cm.
  • Oven height: 70 cm.
  • Support: 100 cm 4 casters, 2 of which are removable.

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